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Allergic Dyspnea:

Allergic Dyspnea is a debilitating, extreme shortness of breath or other unpleasant or uncomfortable respiratory sensations caused by an allergen.


Treatment for Allergic Dyspnea varies. The most effective treatment is avoidance of the allergen that causes the Allergic Dyspnea. One treatment approach is the use of intravenous or oral immediate-release opioids. Less common is the use of extended release morphine, midazolam in combination with morphine, nebulised opioids, gas mixtures and cognitive-behavioral therapy (there is less medical evidence that this is an effective treatment for breathlessness).

Recovery from Allergic Dyspnea Treatment:

Preventing Allergic Dyspnea is the most effective long term treatment, but to avoid discomfort and pain treatment should be given immediately when the condition presents itself.