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Angioedema Treatment:

Angioedema Treatment can be classified into four basic categories each effective against one type of Angioedema: Allergic Angioedema, Drug Induced Angioedema, Hereditary Angioedema, and Acquired Angioedema.


Angioedema Treatment for each type of Angioedema involves: -Allergic Angioedema: avoidance of the allergen and use of antihistamines and sometimes steroid therapy. -Drug Induced Angioedema: Immediate discontinuation of the drug that caused the condition and possible treatment with other drugs that can alleviate symptoms. -Hereditary Angioedema: Avoidance of stimuli that have resulted in attacks the past as well as proper drug therapy. -Acquired Angioedema: Drug therapy.

Recovery from Angioedema Treatment:

Patients undergoing Angioedema Treatment should be monitored closely as drug treatments can have adverse effects; some even having the possibility to exacerbate the symptoms.