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Bariatric Surgery (Gastric Bypass Surgery)

Underlying Problem Requiring Bariatric Surgery:
Bariatric surgery is a method used to treat obesity. It can take the form of various surgical procedures that modify the patient.s gastrointestinal tract. The outcome is a change in the way food enters or is absorbed by the system. Bariatric surgery is generally reserved for situations in which exercise and diet have not been effective in reversing the problem. In most cases, the patient will also be experiencing related issues like sleep apnea, diabetes, or hypertension.

Gastric bypass surgery is the most common bariatric surgery used to treat obesity in the United States. This particular procedure requires the doctor to create a small pouch that is connected to the distal small intestine. The food then enters this small pouch, rather than being allowed to fill the stomach. Patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery must follow a rigorous gastric bypass diet upon completion.

There are numerous other bariatric surgery options. The biliopancreatic diversion surgery is not performed often anymore because of some associated risks. A vertical banded gastroplasty uses staples to create a permanent small pouch that acts as a new stomach. An adjustable gastric band works in a similar manner, however the size of the pouch can be changed by expanding and contracting the silicon band used to create the pouch. The bands are often implanted using laparoscopy, and the procedure is often referred to as a \"lap band\" surgery.

Recovery from Bariatric Surgery:
Recovery from bariatric surgery, whether gastric bypass surgery or another method, can be a fairly long process. In addition to recovering from the actual operation, patients must modify their lifestyles. Follow-up is required for nutritional purposes and to monitor the bariatric surgery\'s success. There are significant risks involved with these procedures, and patients must work closely with their healthcare providers to ensure proper recovery. The advantages, however, have shown to be quite substantial in regards to reduced diabetes, hypertension, and other obesity-related ailments.

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