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Birmingham Hip Resurface - Hip Replacement Alternative

While hip replacement surgery has been a major medical advancement for thousands of patients, the Birmingham Hip resurface has taken the playing field to a whole new level. This hip replacement alternative was originally developed in 1997 and is great news for those who want to stay physically active in the face of arthritis and other ailments.

Rather than completely replacing the hip, the Birmingham Hip resurfaces the joint to improve its function. The process starts by removing the cartilage and outer layer of bone. This is then replaced by a metal surface. This allows the patient to retain more of the original bone.

The socket side of the hip joint is also prepared. Again, damaged cartilage and the first layer of bone are removed, and a replacement socket is added. This also utilizes a metal surface. Instead of completely removing and replacing bone, a Birmingham Hip resurface utilizes the patient.s own bone but is able to improve its function through the addition of the metal surface.

The result of a Birmingham Hip resurface is that the patient will generally be able to engage in more intense physical activity than those who have had a complete hip replacement. With a full hip replacement, patients. activity is more restricted in order to minimize the chances of an implant loosening. With this hip replacement alternative, the bones and joints actually work much more normally, leading to better opportunities for physical exertion.

Of course, there are some restrictions, even with a Birmingham Hip resurface; and patients must work with their physicians to follow the appropriate rehabilitation schedule. Once the rehab is concluded, however, many patients are able to return to regular activities, even higher-impact ones.

Because of these properties, the best candidate for a Birmingham Hip resurface is a younger or more active patient. In general, these types of patients would actually fare worse with a total hip replacement. For men, the guideline is usually 65 years or younger, while the female guideline is 55 years or younger. Bone quality is also taken into consideration.

When it comes to finding the right hip replacement alternative, there are a few directions to look. For the younger patient who is physically active, a Birmingham Hip resurface may be the best option. To make the most informed decision, patients need to seek the advice of their doctors, as well as to do some research on their own.



Kathryn Wagner, MD

Dr. Kathryn Wagner grew up in South Texas. Since 1995, when she completed her medical training, she has had a private practice in San Antonio. Recently, a new office facility has been opened by Dr. Wagner at the historic Nix Health Care System downtown located on the fourteenth floor. In 1991, she was licensed by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners. In 1999, Dr. Wagner was Board Certified by the American College of Surgeons. Kathryn Wagner is married and is raising three children. She enjoys scuba diving, swimming, and wine tasting.
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