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A breast is the left or right side of the upper ventral torso known as the chest. Men and women alike develop breast, though, during puberty the female body begins to produce estrogen which stimulates breast development. This results in the growth of mammary glands and a more prominent chest. While it is some what rare, men can also develop breasts, which is known as gynecomastia, and will undergo male breast reduction, or gynecomastectomy, to eliminate this occurence.

Each breast is orb shaped and comprised of mammary glands, sebaceous glands, an areola, one nipple, and other tissues such as skin and fat. Breastfeeding, or nursing, is the primary function of the mammary glands with the breast. The mammary glands produce milk which is transfered to the nipple in a process known as lactation in relation to pregnancy. The breast is also thought to have a secondary sexual role due to the disproportionate size comparative to other primates.

It is important to maintain good breast care and health. This can often lead to early detection of breast cancer or other breast disease. It is important to learn how to perform a breast self-examination and have regular physician examinations. There several types of breast surgery performed for medical and aesthetic reasons, including breast reduction, breast reconstruction, and breast augmentation.


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