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Computed Tomography

Underlying Problem Requiring Computed Tomography:
Computed tomography is often referred to as a CT or a \"CAT scan\". It is a method that doctors can use to diagnose problems that their patients have and is related to an X-ray. Unlike the X-ray, however, computed tomography can create a 3-D image by taking multiple pictures of a body structure. The procedure is noninvasive and does not cause any pain. It can be used to view internal organs and soft tissues, blood vessels, and bones. A radiologist will interpret the results in order to diagnose cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, cancers, and many other conditions.


A patient requiring computed tomography will often be asked to wear a gown for the test. In addition, he or she will be asked to remove any metal items that might interfere with the CT. This could include jewelry, dentures, glasses, hearing aids, or other small items. In some cases, a contrast agent will be injected into the patient to create a clearer view in the resulting image. Before ordering the computed tomography scan, a doctor will have ruled out some previous illnesses like asthma, heart diseases, or diabetes that may cause an adverse reaction. Pregnancy may also disqualify a patient from having computed tomography. The patient will lie on a table that passes through a ring. The ring houses the X-ray equipment and turns as the patient passes through it. The result is a spiral picture of the internal structures of the body. Computer software interprets these pictures and puts them together in a manner that doctors can use for diagnosis.

Recovery from Computed Tomography:

Computed tomography doesn\'t usually cause any pain to the patient, although it can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable to stay in one position for the entire length of the procedure. The contrast material, if used, can occasionally cause some reactions, and the patient should let the radiologist know immediately if any are being experienced. The process of imaging is noninvasive and wouldn.t interfere with the patient\'s ability to go home right away.

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