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Allergycare of Cool Springs specializes in allergy testing and treatment solutions. We are pleased to offer a new, exciting and innovative allergy treatment that doesnít require shots! Whether your symptoms include sneezing, congestion, a runny nose and itchiness in the nose, roof of your mouth, throat, eyes or ears, you can now benefit from allergy DROPS. This simple, safe and effective treatment has been used in Europe for decades and works by placing customized drops under your tongue ó which can be administered at home, without injections!

Better yet, seasonal allergy sufferers can benefit from allergy drops too! Simply by starting treatment ahead of when your impending allergy season arrives, you can build tolerance to the allergens from which you suffer and reduce your symptoms before they start. So if you donít like or donít respond well to shots or other allergy therapies, allergy drops are the ideal solution.

Your Professional Allergy Center in Franklin, TN for Allergy Asthma Remedies, Chronic Sinusitis Remedies and More
Allergycare of Cool Springs is your professional allergy center in Franklin, TN for allergy Asthma remedies, chronic Sinusitis remedies and more. As a pioneer in the use of sublingual immunotherapy in the United States, Allergycare of Cool Springs offers you unparalleled experience and expertise in administering allergy drops. While Europeans have been effectively using allergy drops for over 30 years, it is still a relatively new practice in the U.S. As a result, itís important to be tested and treated by a professional who can manage your care successfully.

Dr. Robert Owen opened Allergycare of Cool Springs in January, 2005. His individualized approach of treating the allergyónot the symptomóhas helped his locally-owned practice grow significantly over the years. Today, more than 1000 people who suffer from seasonal and chronic allergies rely on Dr. Owen and his team to help relieve them of their symptoms.

At Allergycare of Cool Springs we believe the best way to treat allergies is to prepare for them. Thatís why we recommend allergy drop treatment for both our patients with year-round as well as seasonal allergies. By accelerating immunotherapy with higher doses of the offending pollen prior to the allergy season, the body is better-equipped to tolerate the increasing dose that comes with the season. In addition, it may shorten the length of immunotherapy treatment time needed for those using allergy drops for year-round allergies.

Sublingual immunotherapy has been successfully practiced in Europe for more than 30 years and are now FDA-approved in the United States. These allergy drops are convenient, cost-effective and well-researched, and offer a wonderful alternative to allergy shots. Contact us today for more information.



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University of Tennessee College of Medicine MD

Vanderbilt University Nashville---board certified Otolaryngology

Allergy Practice 30+ years

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American Board of Otolaryngology

Fellow American College of Surgeons


Baptist Hospital Nashville
Williamson Medical Center Frankllin


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July 2010

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