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There are many reasons to choose Comprehensive Pain Management Specialists for your treatment. We have convenient locations throughout the Akron area including Fairlawn, Green, Wadsworth, and Kent and our physicians specialize in the use of interventional procedures such as steroid injections, nerve blocks, implantable devices, and the use of opioid and non-opioid pain medications. We treat many types of acute and chronic pain for example, neck and back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritic pain, leg pain, CRPS, pain from shingles, chronic migraines, and many others. The primary goal of our physicians is to return you to your best level of performance and to allow you to regain control of your life. Our treatment program will require you to actively participate in your treatment and follow your physician’s treatment plan and recommendations. The physicians and staff are committed to helping our patients achieve their goals. We ask you for your patience and commitment to our program to achieve the best control of your pain.



Ohio University medical School
Anesthesiology residency-Cleveland Clinic
Pain Management Fellowship-Cleveland Clinic

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Medical Ethics Committee Wadsworth Rittman Hospital


Summa Wadsworth Rittman Hospital


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July 2010

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