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Underlying Problem requiring a Gastrectomy:
A gastrectomy is a procedure in which part or all of the stomach is surgically removed from a patient. This may be necessary in the case of cancer or to treat perforations and ulcers of the stomach wall. There are several different regions of the stomach that might be considered for a gastrectomy, and each has its own procedures and processes to perform the appropriate gastrectomy.


There are a variety of gastrectomy procedures that a doctor may choose from. For example, if the patient suffers from duodenal ulcers, the lower portion of the stomach and the upper portion of the intestine will be removed. This upper portion of the intestine is the duodenum, and if enough of it remains, then the procedure is called a Billroth I. On the other hand, if the stomach cannot be reattached to the duodenum for some reason, then the doctor will create a hole in the part of the small intestine called the jejunum, and the stomach will be attached at this point. This procedure is called the Bilroth II.

Unfortunately to remove cancerous tumors, it is often necessary to take the surrounding lymph nodes and part of the stomach itself. A doctor may reconstruct parts of the digestive tract that have been damaged by the gastrectomy. The surgery itself is typically an .open. surgery so that doctors are able to open the abdomen and have enough room to visualize and work within the abdomen.

Recovery from a Gastrectomy:

A gastrectomy is a major surgery, with all of the risks that entails. It is common for patients to remain in the hospital for seven to ten days in order to recover. Before releasing the patient, the doctor will cover a variety of after-care points, including symptoms that may indicate a problem, such as fever; red, swollen, hot, or draining incision; or worsening pain. There will be a scar left on the abdomen from the gastreceomy. Upon returning home, the patient will be encouraged to engage in light daily activities, and regular activities can be resumed as the patient feels they are ready.

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