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Hormone Therapy

Underlying Problem Requiring Hormone Therapy:
Hormone therapy is used to treat a number of problems associated with cancer, hormone deficiencies, sex reassignment, aging, and more. One of the most often-discussed treatments today is \"hormone replacement therapy;\" used to treat women during and after menopause. Men also suffer from lowered hormone levels as they age, so testosterone replacement may be beneficial. Hormone therapy may be indicated for patients who experience problems like hypothyroidism, as well.


Hormone therapy is performed in several ways. Patients may take hormone injections, use hormone creams and gels, take pills, or even wear hormone patches. Those that are administered via creams and gels have lowered some concerns regarding the potential adverse affects that oral medications can have on the liver. The doctor and patient will work together to determine what is the most beneficial approach for their treatment plan.

Hormone therapy used in oncology is a method for treating cancer. The hormones are used to discourage cancerous cells from growing and can even kill some cancer cells. It is also used to treat women who are going through the process of menopause. There is a lot of contradictory information available on using hormone replacement therapy to lessen menopausal symptoms, so those interested in this option should discuss it with their doctors.

Recovery from Hormone Therapy:

Hormone therapy is typically not a life-long process. In most cases, it used for a period of time to reach a desired outcome. In the case of hormone replacement therapy, general consensus is that the lowest possible dose should be used for the shortest period of time to avoid potential negative consequences, including breast cancer. For those who find the right combination, however, the relief provided has offered new hope in the face of devastating symptoms like depression and fatigue.

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