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Knee Repair Surgery (Arthroscopic ACL Meniscal Repair)

Underlying Problem Requiring Knee Repair Surgery:
Knee repair surgery may be indicated in situations where a patient has torn a meniscus. Each knee actually has two menisci, and their job is to create a space between the femur of the upper leg and the tibia of the lower leg. These bits of fibrocartilage prevent the two bones from rubbing against each other and causing friction. If a meniscus is damaged, either through trauma or age, it often comes loose and gets caught between the bones, causing pain and other problems.

Meniscal repair is a process that can be done through the use of arthroscopic surgery. The doctor will create a small incision through which to visualize the tear in the meniscus with a camera. In some cases, the knee repair surgery involves sewing or tying the two pieces of the meniscus together so that natural healing can occur. In other cases, the torn tissue must be removed. Just the torn portion will be cut and taken out, while as much healthy tissue as possible is left behind to do its job once it has been reshaped to a natural form.

If the entire meniscus must be removed, the result is likely to be arthritis caused by the bones rubbing together without the protection of the fibrocartilage. A transplant may be an option in these situations. Such a surgery can replace or stave off a complete joint replacement.

Patients who undergo this type of knee repair surgery will often be able to leave the hospital within a few hours. Pain medication may be needed for the first several days, and patients will be encouraged to rest and elevate the knee and to apply ice several times a day. Physical therapy will follow. Complete recovery from knee repair surgery may take a several weeks.

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