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Underlying Problem Requiring Oncology:
Oncology includes the study of tumors and is therefore the branch of medicine that is most relevant for patients being treated for cancer. The specialized doctors in this field are called oncologists, and they are trained in a variety of treatments for the disease. Oncology will be used to diagnose cancer and will also cover the actual treatment. Additionally, oncologists will continue to follow patients once treatment has ended.


There are numerous procedures used in the field of oncology. For example, doctors may diagnose the disease through use of biopsies, endoscopies, X-rays, blood tests, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and other methods. Once a cancer had been discovered, these same tests may be used to determine if doctors are able to operate and what other forms of treatment may be appropriate.

The actual cancer treatment will depend on the type of cancer, as well as its location and the stage of its progression. Oncology uses a variety of treatments to offer the best chance of success. In addition to surgery, doctors may encourage patients to consider chemotherapy and radiotherapy as treatment options. Early diagnosis and treatment is one of the best advantages in the field of oncology.

Oncologists are often broken down by specialty relating to their forms of treatment or the type of cancer they treat. Some of the specialties include gynecologic oncology, pediatric oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, and surgical oncology. For patients who are suffering from incurable cancer, oncology can still offer the benefit of reduced symptoms and side effects, as well as psychological and emotional support, help finding social services, and more. This is referred to as palliative care.

Recovery from Oncology:

Of course, the recovery from oncology is dependent upon many factors. Upon completion of a treatment, the patient will continue to be followed to watch for recurrence. This helps to identify problems earlier to improve the outcome if continued treatment is necessary.

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