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Colon Cancer

Underlying Problem Requiring Colon Cancer Treatment:
Colon cancer (also called colorectal cancer) is a collection of malignant cells in the lower part of the digestive system. They will often form tumors on the walls of the large intestine. Most of these cancers develop from benign polyps. Fortunately, these polyps can be easily removed, so the preventative approach to colon cancer has become a viable option in modern medicine. Colon cancer is more common in people who have a high fat intake, a family history (including polyps), and chronic ulcerative colitis.


Colon cancer is most commonly treated through the use of surgery. The doctor will remove the tumor, as well as some of the healthy tissue and lymph nodes in the area. If the cancer has not metastasized (spread to other areas), surgery may be the only treatment required. If the colon cancer is advanced and spread, however, a cure is unlikely. For those with a tumor that has deeply penetrated the colon wall or has spread to nearby lymph nodes, chemotherapy can be instrumental in preventing a recurrence of the cancer. Doctors may also determine that it is beneficial to introduce chemotherapeutic agents directly into the liver, as it is the place most likely to be affected by metastasis.

Recovery from Colon Cancer Treatment:

Different types of cancer treatment will require different recovery periods and processes. In the case of surgery, it may take a few weeks for the patient to recovery from in the actual operation. There may be other considerations to make, however, including dietary restrictions. Patients should carefully follow the directions provided by their healthcare team. Those undergoing chemotherapy will have a variety of symptoms to deal with, and the healthcare team will be experts at providing advice and encouragement.

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