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Oral Allergy Treatment:

Sublingual Allergy Serum is based on recent advancements in Immunotherapy. Sublingual Allergy Serum was typically administered by injection in the past, but recent advancements have resulted in an oral allergy treatment; a liquid droplet form of allergy drops that can be administered under the tongue of the patient.


Sublingual Allergy Serum is typically an effective treatment for both airborn and food allergies. It can alleviate a variety of symptoms including: asthma, sinusitis, runny nose, sniffles as well as other severe and/or mild reactions to allergens. Oral allergy treatment through sublingual allergy serum in drop form has similar positive results as the traditional allergy shots.

Recovery from Oral Allergy Treatment Treatment:

Sublingual Allergy Serum Treatment is a painless method of reducing allergic symptoms in children and adults. Oral allergy treatment (allergy drops) offers an even more convenient method of decreasing allergic reaction symptoms.