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Prostate Laser

Underlying Problem Requiring Prostate Laser Treatment:
Prostate laser treatment is a highly-advanced form of surgery than can be used to treat men suffering from an enlarged prostate. As a man ages, the prostate often becomes enlarged, causing a number of problems. These include difficulty urinating, erectile dysfunction, and overall discomfort. Treatment with a prostate laser can alleviate these symptoms.


There is more than one type of prostate laser used to help with the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, with photosensitive vaporization of the prostate being one of the newer approaches. When a patient undergoes a prostate laser treatment, his doctor will administer either a general or a spinal anesthesia. The laser itself is used to destroy prostate tissue. Because it doesn\'t penetrate very deeply, it is possible to remove only the outer layers of tissues to reduce the overall size of the prostate. The laser approach tends to result in less blood loss than earlier treatments and seems to have a quicker recovery time, as well.

Recovery from Prostate Laser Treatment:

Many patients will notice immediate relief from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, although they may deal with painful urination during the healing process. In addition, retrograde ejaculation can also occur. The procedure is usually done on an out-patient basis, and patients return home the same day. Strenuous activities may need to be avoided for a couple of weeks, and a doctor should be consulted about when it is reasonable to resume sexual activity. The healthcare team will provide patients with post-operative care instructions after a prostate laser treatment, and following these carefully will improve the recovery process.

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