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Spinal Cord Injury Specialist

The spinal cord in combination with the brain creates the body's central nervous system. The vertebra helps protect this intricate cell structure that is a critical component to the overall movement of the body. Spinal cord surgery is one of the most complicated and sensitive procedures that exist. If something goes wrong in this surgery you may never walk or talk again.

If you get in an accident that damages your spinal cord, a Spinal Cord Injury Specialist is your best bet at healing. If you have a tumor on your spinal cord the Spinal Cord Injury Specialist will be called in to perform the surgery to remove it if possible. Since this is such a sensitive spot to have an operation on, not just any surgeon can perform the surgery.

Usually Spinal Cord Injuries are sudden and unexpected. There are not that many preventative measures that you can take to avoid them. Some common accidents that have become notorious for Spinal Cord Injury and the cause of paralysis are Motorcycle Accidents, Ski Accidents and falling off of horses. This is why doctors always recommend that you wear a helmet when taking part in any of these activities. If you land the wrong way you may die or never walk again.

Spinal Cord Injury Specialists don't only work with you during surgery. They also help with your injury after your surgery to help rehabilitate you. They will work with you physically and mentally to assist in coming to terms with your condition. They can refer you to centers that will give you hope in this difficult time.

Spinal Cord Injury is a topic that ignites fear in all of us. We associate it with never walking again and a comatose state of affairs with the mere mention of the phrase "Spinal Cord Injury". Spinal Cord Specialists give hope and help repair damages caused to the central most important structure in our body. They work closely with a staff of nurses, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists to assure that your mental and physical self is ultimately cared for when going through this traumatic life changing experience.

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