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Varicose Vein Treatment

Underlying Problem Requiring Varicose Vein Treatment:
Varicose veins are often called \'spider veins\' because of the web-like pattern they create on the skin of those who have them. The cosmetic concerns of spider veins can be addressed with minor varicose vein treatment. There are more profound problems with varicose veins, however, that manifest when the larger veins become further enlarged and tangled. This can cause the patient discomfort and can even lead to clots and other health concerns. Other problems include skin ulceritis, dermatitis, carcinoma and sarcoma, and severe bleeding. Varicose vein treatment is not indicated in every case, so a doctor\'s exam is necessary to determine the best way to move forward.


Varicose vein treatments range from non-invasive to extremely complex. For many patients, varicose veins, which generally appear in the legs, can be treated through the use of support hose or compression stockings. A doctor may also recommend that his or her patient take anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and that the legs be elevated several times a day.

More invasive measures for varicose vein treatment include vein stripping. In this procedure, doctors will actually remove damaged veins all the way from the groin to the ankle. While this may seem like it would have major implications for the vascular system, the blood flow affected is minimal. As an alternative, some patients undergo varicose vein treatments that utilize injections of medications that shrink the veins. This is called \"sclerotherapy.\"

Recovery from Varicose Vein Treatment:

The recovery period from a varicose vein treatment will necessarily be dependent upon the type of treatment sought. Those with a milder condition may find that compression stockings begin to make an improvement almost immediately. Undergoing sclerotherapy or a vein stripping procedure will require significantly more recovery time, during which the patient will need to follow special instructions issued by his or her healthcare team.

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