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Kathryn Wagner, MD

Dr. Kathryn Wagner grew up in South Texas. Since 1995, when she completed her medical training, she has had a private practice in San Antonio. Recently, a new office facility has been opened by Dr. Wagner at the historic Nix Health Care System downtown located on the fourteenth floor. In 1991, she was licensed by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners. In 1999, Dr. Wagner was Board Certified by the American College of Surgeons. Kathryn Wagner is married and is raising three children. She enjoys scuba diving, swimming, and wine tasting.
SenoRx Contura

Learn more about this radiation alternative treatment for breast cancer. The Contura device is part of a new class of treatment options designed to reduce the total amount of time spent undergoing radiation therapy, offering a five-day care plan as opposed to the traditional six weeks, returning patients to everyday living as soon as possible.

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