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S. Chace Lottich, MD, FACS
The Center for Women's Health

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533 East County Line Road, Suite 101
Greenwood, IN

Surgical Oncologist
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Dr. Lottich is a general surgeon specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant breast diseases. She was the first female surgeon to graduate from Duke University where she completed undergraduate studies, medical school and her surgical residency. Her initial interests were focused on research. She was awarded a National Science Foundation Grant as an undergraduate and a National Cancer Institute Physician-Investigator Development Award in residency to fund her work on monoclonal antibodies.

During her surgical training, she became involved in the Y-ME patient advocacy group and subsequently helped found the Y-ME chapter in Indianapolis. Currently, Dr. Lottich is a practicing surgeon in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is the Clinical Director of The Center for Women’s Health-a multifaceted facility which uses state of the art technology, education, and surgery to manage a variety of breast disorders. Dr. Lottich holds a faculty appointment at Indiana University and is involved in resident training.

In recognition of her great work, she was presented with the BMW Ultimate Drive Local Hero Award in 2004 and the Spirit of Women Award in 2006. Dr. Lottich is the proud mother of two sons, ages 12 and 16.




I specialize in treating the following conditions:


Undergraduate, Medical school, and Surgical Residency, Duke University

Boards and Committees

Member of the American College of Surgeons
Has served on the Board of The Wellness Center, American Cancer Society, Little Red Door/United Way agencies, and participated in two ongoing Eli Lilly pharmaceutical research trials


St. Francis and Community Hospitals


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April 2009

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