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The Advantages of the NovaSure Endometrial Ablation Treatment

NovaSure is a quick procedure that helps control heavy menstral bleeding through an endometrial ablation treatment. The procedure is minimally invasive and takes approximately 90 seconds. For many women, it is the best choice to lighten or stop menstrual periods.

There are several reasons that many women and their doctors choose the NovaSure procedure. iThe most common reason NovaSure is chosen is because it is a hormone-free option, which is attractive to many patients. Hormones have a wide variety of side effects and are generally a long-term option. The endometrial ablation treatment can allow this option to be avoided.

Another very common reason the NovaSure procedure is chosen is to avoid the physical and emotional recovery needed for a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy brings with it inherent risks both during and after the procedure. In addition, a hysterectomy requires a significant recovery time. Most women who opt for the NovaSure procedure actually experience no pain at all and are able to return to work the following day.

Clinical trials have shown that women treated with NovaSure have experienced a number of benefits in addition to decreased bleeding. The trials show that 45% reported a reduction in PMS symptoms. Another 64% found a decrease in pain. Other positive outcomes for these patients include anxiety reduction, increased energy, and improved self confidence.

NovaSure has a very high satisfaction rating. The women who were treated by NovaSure reported that 90% of them spent more time at work, more time at regular daily activities, and missed fewer social events. NovaSure is recommended by 97% of the women who recieved this treatment.

The women who are most likely to consider using the NovaSure procedure will fall under one or more of the following criteria. First, they suffer from menorrhagia (severe, heavy menstral bleeding). 1 in 5 women experience unusually heavy or long-lasting periods. Other women choose NovaSure for control of premenopausal bleeding. All of the women need to determine they have no further intention for pregnancy. Finally, women choose NovaSure to decrease employment and social restrictions caused by heavy menstral cycles.

Women who experience menorrhagia will want to talk to their doctors about treatment options. The treatment options include endometrial ablation, hormone therapy, hysterectomy, and dilation with curettage (scraping the lining of the uterus). Information necessary for the doctor to make an informed decision includes, calendar dates of the woman's menstral cycle. The number of days each cycle lasts, the volume of bleeding, and quality/severity of the pain are excellent details to provide the physician. A consultation with a doctor who has experience with treating heavy menstral bleeding is advised to qualify a woman as a candidate for the NovaSure procedure.



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