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DoctorFinders now offers Traffic Statistics with each personal doctor page. This is a huge addition we have made to each doctor's personal page. You are now able to see the quantity and quality of visits to your personal doctor page. Here is how you can access the Traffic Statistics.

Simply log in with your username and password on the login page at After logging in, the Traffic Statistics section is displayed at the top of the profile's backend home page. There are two parts to this tool, the “Visitor Summary” and “Your Statistics.”

Traffic Statistics Overview

The “Visitor Summary” is a simple bar graph showing the total number of visits per day over the last 30 days. It provides a quick and easy snapshot to see the ebb and flow of the number of visits to your personal doctor page. While the Visitor Summary is a quick snapshot, “Your Statistics” gets more specific about the quality of the visits to your page by providing the source of the visit and how many visits came from that source.

Every visit to the page is listed in the “Your Statistics” section and falls into one of three areas of traffic: Direct, Referred, or Search Engine. The latter two traffic sources are the most important because they generally give an idea of the visibility of your doctor page on the internet. The referred traffic is traffic coming from links pointing to your personal doctor page. Referred traffic lists a clickable source URL of the link used to land on your doctor page. The search engine traffic is traffic coming from search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. Search engine traffic is lists which search engine the visit came from and what keywords were used to find your personal doctor page through search.



Kathryn Wagner, MD

Dr. Kathryn Wagner grew up in South Texas. Since 1995, when she completed her medical training, she has had a private practice in San Antonio. Recently, a new office facility has been opened by Dr. Wagner at the historic Nix Health Care System downtown located on the fourteenth floor. In 1991, she was licensed by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners. In 1999, Dr. Wagner was Board Certified by the American College of Surgeons. Kathryn Wagner is married and is raising three children. She enjoys scuba diving, swimming, and wine tasting.
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